🔂V3 Concentrated Liquidity on Ascent Exchange


Ascent Exchange is excited to introduce V3 Concentrated Liquidity and is customized to work with our veAEX model. This advanced feature offers liquidity providers an array of options for greater control and flexibility.

What is V3 Concentrated Liquidity?

Concentrated Liquidity allows you to allocate your capital within specific price ranges, enhancing capital efficiency and the potential for higher returns.

Key Features

Fee Options

Choose from four different fee tiers for pools:

  • 0.01%

  • 0.05%

  • 0.25%

  • 1%

These options allow you to optimize earnings based on your risk tolerance and market outlook.

Automatic Ranges

For ease of use, we offer four automatic range options:

  • Full Range: Provides liquidity across the entire price spectrum.

  • Safe: A conservative range to minimize risk.

  • Common: A commonly used range for moderate risk and return.

  • Expert: A range for those who are well-versed in market dynamics.

Custom Ranges

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, you can also set your own custom price ranges.


Capital Efficiency

By focusing your liquidity within specific ranges, you can achieve higher returns with the same amount of capital.

Flexibility and Control

With multiple fee and range options, you have greater control over your liquidity provision strategy.

Lower Slippage

Concentrated liquidity can result in lower slippage, offering a better trading experience for users.

How to Get Started

  1. Navigate to the Liquidity Page: Go to the 'Liquidity' section on Ascent Exchange.

  2. Select a Pool and Fee Tier: Choose your desired liquidity pool and fee option.

  3. Choose or Set a Range: Opt for an automatic range or set your own.

  4. Confirm: Review your settings and confirm the transaction.

Risks and Considerations

While concentrated liquidity offers higher returns, it also comes with risks such as impermanent loss. Exercise caution and conduct your own research.

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