How to Bridge Tokens

Bridging tokens from ETH/AVAX to EON is a straightforward process.

  1. Connect Wallet using Web3 Wallet

  2. Select Ethereum or Avalanche as the โ€œFromโ€ Chain

  3. Select โ€œHorizen EONโ€ as the โ€œToโ€ Chain

  4. Select the Asset to transfer

Currently the bridge supports:

  • ETH

  • BTC

  • WZEN

  • USDT

  • USDC

  • DAI

  • LINK

  • AVAX

  1. Input the amount of assets to transfer and click โ€œTransfer Fundsโ€

  2. Wait a few minutes for your assets to be received on Horizen EON!

  3. Begin trading at Ascent Exchange!

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