In the Bribing Marketplace, third parties can freely add bribes on gauges in order to influence veAEX holders votes and increase the amount of $AEX incentives emitted on the corresponding pool.

The Bribing Marketplace is permissionless and allows protocol participants to access decentralized incentives in order to tailor a flexible liquidity management strategy on Horizon EON.

Some adjustments has been made from the initial Solidly Bribing Marketplace:

  • Loss of unclaimed bribes: veAEX voters will always be able to recoup unclaimed bribes

  • Bribes farming: This option is no longer possible. The bribe proceeds can only be claimed by veAEX voters as a lump sum at the end of the epoch

Bribing Specifications

  • Bribes claim: veAEX holders receive rewards at the end of the epoch in the form of a claimable lump sum

  • Epoch duration: 1 week

  • Tokens: Any whitelisted tokens can be deposited on a gauge

  • Bribes deposits: Any time during the epoch

Add Bribes

Anyone can add bribes to a pool for which a gauge has been added. The bribes must be in tokens that have been whitelisted.

The more bribes added for a gauge, the more $AEX emissions it is likely to receive in the next epoch.

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