How to do Forward Transfer

Forward transfers enable users to move assets between different chains. In the case of Horizen, forward transfers allow the movement of ZEN, its its native cryptocurrency, from the mainchain to sidechains like EON. This process is important for leveraging the unique features of each chain.

Here’s a simplified guide to help you execute a forward transfer of ZEN to a sidechain like EON:

Software Needed

  1. Receive ZEN to your Sphere or 3rd party Horizen Wallet

Zen Addresses start with znh

  1. Click on Accounts Overview and choose your desired wallet

  2. Click on Send

  3. Fill in the following information

a. Send to: (Metamask address on EON)

b. Select “Sidechain transaction”

c. Sidechain Dropdown: Horizon EON

d. Amount: Amount of ZEN to forward transfer to EON.

e. Optional: Change the transaction fee and add in a transaction description.

  1. Click Confirm

  2. Your ZEN should arrive on Horizen EON in a few short minutes!

  3. Click “View on Blockchain” to see the Horizen transaction on the Horizen Explorer

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